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After a car accident, one of the first things you should do is call your auto insurance provider. Your agent is your go-to solution. They will work with you, the police, and the appraiser to ensure repairs happen quickly. Consider for yourself some of the benefits of their service. READ MORE >>

On a recent trip to the Canadian Rockies, mainly Banff and Jasper National Parks in Alberta, my wife and I saw some incredible scenery. Really breath-taking beauty that is beyond words to describe. The immense vastness of Nature is wonderful but it is also fun to observe the creatures, both large and small. READ MORE >>

What is your home made of? It may matter more than you think. The value of your home and the cost to build your home depends on the types of materials it features. This includes the exterior wall construction. When selecting a home insurance policy, your agent will want to know what type of structure you own. READ MORE >>

Chester is located about  halfway between Charlotte and Columbia and is a small town founded in 1795. It was a textile mill town and a big railroad hub at one time but fell on hard times as did many small rural towns in the state. One thing it does have is some beautiful old homes dating from the late 1880s  and early 1900s. READ MORE >>

Operating a business well means having trained professionals to help you. You probably spend a lot of money hiring and training your team. When something happens, and your business cannot operate, you do not want to lose those individuals. If you have business insurance, you do not have to. READ MORE >>

Is fire a risk at your home? Nearly every home has some level of risk when it comes to fire. However, every homeowner has the ability to reduce that risk. To do so, you need to know how to spot concerns. And, you should have some basic steps in mind to keep your home safe. READ MORE >>

Last time we discussed this subject, I focused on properties moving to flood zone X because of the flood remapping. This time let us talk about properties that will move from the low risk X zone to a moderate risk AE flood zone. There will not be many of these – remember, we are not sure if FEMA has taken into consideration rising sea levels! READ MORE >>

One of the most common causes of high business insurance costs is liability claims. A liability claim occurs when someone suffers a loss you or your business cause. They file a claim with your insurance company for the losses they face. The goal of business insurance is to ensure you have financial protection for these instances. READ MORE >>

A tire blowout is any instance in which the tire becomes flat suddenly. This often happens while driving. When it occurs, you may need to pull over. You will need to get the vehicle repaired properly. Most of the time, you also have to work with your auto insurance company to see if you have coverage for it. READ MORE >>

Whether you sell trucks or have a car wash, your vehicle service needs insurance coverage. The automotive world has a lot to offer. Today’s business owners are thriving, making money and staying protected. To stay protected, you need to make sure you have these four critical areas of protection. READ MORE >>

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