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Your driving habits often impact how much you pay for auto insurance. The best way for car insurance agencies to know how safe of a driver you are is to use your driving record. Your state's department of motor vehicles collects this information. It includes any instance in which you break the law while behind the wheel. READ MORE >>

Tesla unveiled a new type of roof shingle. The shingle integrates a solar panel into it. These are attractive and typical looking solar roof panels. They work to collect solar energy. They can work well to power your home. And, they are expensive. READ MORE >>

Salamanca Spain is another UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city was founded by a Celtic tribe before the rise of the Roman Empire.     The New Cathedral, built between 1513 and 1733 is magnificent and features amazing numbers of sculpted  figures. The church organ is just remarkable! READ MORE >>

When it comes to starting a business, you need to cover you, your employees, and your clients with business insurance. What if a customer slips on a wet floor and breaks a bone at your store? You are likely liable for paying their bills. Accidents happen. READ MORE >>

We ventured up into Spain to visit Santiago de Compostela, home to one of the world’s most striking cathedrals. The Cathedral is massive and has been a pilgrimage site since the Middle Ages and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.   READ MORE >>

The Douro region of Portugal is centered around Portugal’s second largest city, Porto, and the Douro River that originates in the mountains of Spain and runs east to west to the Atlantic at Porto. Everywhere one looks, there is a vineyard, from the river’s edge to the top of the many hills! READ MORE >>

A fire can quickly destroy a home. Fires occur for many reasons. A spark in your electrical system can create a life-threatening and fast-moving fire. Your oven may catch on fire. Fires can also start in the garage where flammable liquids are common. No matter what happens, having a fire extinguisher on hand is essential. READ MORE >>

Many people like to give their dogs a ride in the car. Pets like it, too. However, dogs can be dangerous for many reasons. You do not want to have to file car insurance claims due to an accident related to your pet. Does that mean you cannot take your pet for a ride? You do not have to give it up. READ MORE >>

The only way to really know if a flood or potential flood is a threat to me personally is through reporting by my local news and media.   FALSE. Local news and media are good sources of information but are subject to outages and interruptions. Wireless Emergency Advisories are available on your mobile device, and are free. READ MORE >>

Sometimes mistakes happen when you get behind the wheel. It is not hard to back up into a pole. It is easy to turn too soon and damage the bumper on your car on the wall to the garage. When something occurs, you might have coverage from your car insurance provider. READ MORE >>

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