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Is your RV properly insured? Are you relying on your personal automobile policy for coverage? You have far greater exposure when operating an RV than a regular vehicle. A personal auto policy is simply not designed to provide the proper coverage. READ MORE >>

Owning a business has perks, but there’s definitely a certain level of liability that comes with being your own boss. That’s why many entrepreneurs opt for an LLC structure instead of a sole proprietorship. Under LLCs, your personal assets are virtually untouchable. READ MORE >>

Turning 18 means you are officially an adult. Now, you’re responsible for all of your own life choices and decisions. You may already be driving. You may own a car, or you are planning to purchase one. Your goal should always be to have a policy that matches your life and your needs. READ MORE >>

Golf carts, once used exclusively on the golf course, are seen frequently on streets in neighborhoods and at beach resorts. These carts are being used as transportation in lieu of cars. Like cars, the owner of a golf cart should have liability coverage to protect against an accident involving your golf cart. READ MORE >>

When a fire, storm, or act of vandalism damages your home, you want to get it fixed as soon as possible. Home insurance may provide you with the financial means to pay for these types of repairs. However, you shouldn’t rush into choosing a contractor for the job. Doing so could cause you financial loss in the long term. READ MORE >>

Each state sets laws determining who handles paying for an accident after it occurs. When two parties collide, determining fault is not always the goal. In some states, each person’s insurance pays for the losses. How does this work? Are you in a no-fault or at-fault state? READ MORE >>

Spring is here and you will hopefully be spending plenty of time outside. For many, the yard is the favorite spot of their home, a place to enjoy the weather, cook out, play fun games, and spend time with the family. It is important to make sure that this is a safe environment so that these great times aren’t interrupted by accidents or injuries. READ MORE >>

When a storm comes through any community, it can cause damage to property in a matter of minutes. Many times, the damage comes in the form of structural losses, such as the roof blowing off the property. Other times, it creates risks that go further, such as leaks that can cause you to lose the inventory in your business. READ MORE >>

A bird may seem like a small, simple animal. However, it can cause damage to your assets including your car. If you have bird-related damage to your car, your auto insurance policy may cover it. Whether you have coverage depends on many factors. Among them is what type of coverage you have. READ MORE >>

It’s that time of the year again! Boaters everywhere are itching to get back out on the water and enjoy the warm weather. But wait! Don’t forget to prepare properly for your first voyage this season. Let’s talk about a few key steps to take to prepare your boat and avoid trouble on the water. READ MORE >>

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