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Spring is here and you will hopefully be spending plenty of time outside. For many, the yard is the favorite spot of their home, a place to enjoy the weather, cook out, play fun games, and spend time with the family. It is important to make sure that this is a safe environment so that these great times aren’t interrupted by accidents or injuries. READ MORE >>

The Low Country has had a mild, almost non-existent, winter so far but it is always best to plan ahead. If we do get a spell of cold weather that knocks the temp down to the high teens or low 20s, you should know how to prevent pipes from freezing and breaking. Such temperatures can cause pipes to burst. READ MORE >>

It is the season for shopping and the season for giving. Sadly, it is also the season for thieving. One should be very careful when buying Christmas gifts and leaving them in a vehicle where they can be seen. Place gifts in the trunk or at least cover them with a cloth or blanket. READ MORE >>

Do not let thieves, or other things, spoil your holidays. Here are some precautions you can take. ·         Always make your home appears occupied. Leave lights on, have timers set for lights if you are away for a few days. Leave a car in the driveway. READ MORE >>

Fall is here! While we are still waiting for cooler weather, it’s not too early to get a jump on planning your fall chores. We’ve made a to-do list of things that you should accomplish this fall and in preparation for winter. READ MORE >>

 What on earth does that mean? By definition, bundling means to “tie or roll up a number of things together”. So bundling your insurance policies means having all your insurance (automobile, home, boats, motorcycles, etc.) with one insurance company. What companies bundle policies? READ MORE >>

  Halloween is around the corner and kids will be canvassing your neighborhood with their parents on the trick or treat trail. You should be sure your home does not present hazards that could lead to an injured child or adult. In their excitement, kids may run across your lawn in their dash to your front door. READ MORE >>

  The recent poor economic situation forced many folks to start up small businesses (part time or full time)  that are operated out of their home in order to generate more income and meet expenses.  Such businesses may be a consulting business of some sort, a tutoring service, a business in which you sell products, READ MORE >>

Follow these suggestions to prevent your water pipes from freezing in cold weather Your home or place of business should have a cutoff valve so that the water to the building can be cut off. Close this valve and then drain the water from the pipes inside by opening all valves and allowing the water to drain out. READ MORE >>

The recent heavy and frequent rains have created a couple of headline-making sinkholes in the area. Does the standard ISO HO-3 or DP-3 policy provide coverage if a house falls into a sinkhole? The short answer is “No“. Under General Exclusions, the Earth Movement section excludes “any other earth movement including earth sinking…” READ MORE >>

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