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Any trucker who uses an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) to track hours of service can participate in Progressive’s Smart Haul program. By sharing your data with Progressive, you can perhaps save big bucks on your insurance premium. The ELD is required on trucks newer than 2000. READ MORE >>

A trucking inspector offers this advice to help keep your truck on the road and safe. Do a Quality Pre-Trip Inspection. Such inspections are required and a good, thorough inspection can help keep you alive. Walk Around the Truck.  Whenever you stop for fuel or food, walk around the truck. READ MORE >>

Should you expect a rate increase in 2019 on your commercial auto policy? Probably yes, as most insurance companies are struggling to be profitable in this line of insurance. Progressive Insurance Company, however, seems to be an exception. Progressive examines much data and stays ahead of loss trends, rather than playing catch-up like most companies. READ MORE >>

This is a brief explanation as to how to understand Motor Truck (Truckers) Cargo insurance. Motor truck cargo Insurance protects the goods that you are hauling from damage and theft. Your client (the owner of the cargo) will want to make sure their goods arrive safely at their destination or that you have insurance in place to reimburse the client if the goods do not make it. READ MORE >>

   As truckers ply the roads of South Carolina from Myrtle Beach to Charleston to Summerville and Walterboro and beyond, they use some interesting terminology to describe their rigs and industry.   These terms provide an interesting look as to how the trucking industry works. READ MORE >>

First of all, in our politically correct climate, the term Motor Carrier is just the new and more acceptable name for what we used to call Truckers. There is a multitude of abbreviations regarding Truckers regulations and Truckers insurance and it can all be very confusing!! READ MORE >>

Chris Campbell, insurance agent with C. T. Lowndes & Company, has been bestowed the designation of Transportation Risk Specialist, or TRS. The Motor Carrier Insurance Education Foundation is solely dedicated to providing education and assistance to insurance professionals like Chris who spe... READ MORE >>

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