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Golf Cart Insurance


About golf cart insurance:

South Carolina has laws that specifically apply to golf carts and owners of golf carts should be aware of these laws as stated in Section 56 of the South Carolina Code of Laws. Let us look at some of the rules that apply to golf cart usage.

Should I register my golf cart with the SC DMV?

Yes, you need to register the golf cart with the Department of Motor Vehicles. To obtain a permit, you will need proof of ownership of the golf cart, proof of liability insurance on the cart, and $5 for the permit fee.

The permit is valid for 5 years but must be replaced if your address changes.

The decal permit should be displayed on the cart.

How do I insure a golf cart and is the insurance expensive?

Your insurance agent can insure the golf cart, most frequently under a motorcycle insurance policy. A liability only policy will cost about $100 -$150 annually depending on the limits you choose. Comprehensive and collision insurance is also available. Keep in mind that comprehensive coverage includes loss due to flooding.

Does not my homeowners policy provide liability coverage for my golf cart? Why do I need a separate policy?

A typical homeowners policy usually excludes liability coverage on a “motor vehicle” “registered for use on public roads”. Do not depend on your homeowners policy for coverage!

Are there restrictions on where I can use my permitted golf cart?

Yes. There are several rules:

·         The golf cart must be used within 4 miles of the address on the registration card, or within 4 miles of the “point of ingress and egress to the gated community” where you live.

·         The golf cart can only be used on a “secondary highway or street for which the posted speed limit is thirty-five miles an hour or less”.

·         As long as you are within the four-mile limitation, you may cross a highway or street with a posted speed limit of more than 35 MPH.

·         A golf cart may be used on “an island not accessible by a bridge designed for use by automobiles”.

Are there restrictions on when I can use my permitted golf cart?

Definitely! Only during daylight hours!  (Note the code of Laws does not define “daylight hours”.)

Who may drive my golf cart?

Anyone at least 16 years of age may drive the golf cart as long as the person has a valid driver’s license.

When the golf cart is being used on a secondary highway or street, the operator must have in his/her possession:

·         The DMV registration card

·         Proof of Liability Insurance (insurance ID card)

·         The operator’s valid driver’s license.

Do not let a youngster under 16 drive your golf cart on a public road! This is illegal! In case of an accident, you, the parent could be liable for endangering your child!

Does my golf cart need any special equipment to be used on a street?

Nothing special, just headlights, brakes, taillights, and blinkers like any motor vehicle.

There is nothing in the Code of Laws that requires a golf cart to have seat belts and many golf carts do not have seat belts. It is highly recommended that you do have seat belts installed for your safety and the safety of passengers, particularly children.

Are there consequences for violating these golf cart rules?

Effective November 18, 2018, the Code of laws was amended to make breaking a golf cart law a misdemeanor. A person may be punished with a fine of up to $100 or up to 30 days in jail.

Why are all these rules necessary?

There is no question that golf cart accidents can result in serious injury or death. About 40% of golf cart accidents involve a person falling out of a golf cart, and a large portion of these are children or young teenagers.

Golf carts are prone to turning over and rollovers account for about 10% of all accidents.

Golf carts were not designed for use on public roads. What chance do you think you have in a golf cart versus automobile accident?


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