Reporting Insurance Claims

To report a claim on your insurance policy, first see if your insurance company is listed below. If so, you should call the company directly to report your claim. You will need your insurance policy number when you report the claim. Many of the companies provide 24 hour-7 day service.

Before you make the call to the insurance company to report your claim, there are some things you should consider. Ask yourself these questions before you call the claim in:

Is the dollar amount of my claim likely to exceed my policy deductible?

If not or by just a little bit, you may not want to call the company! Call your agent instead and seek advice. It might be in your best interest to not file a claim. A call to your agent to seek advice about a possible claim does not constitute the reporting of a claim to the insurance company.

I have wind damage to my home - do I know what my wind deductible is?

It may be vastly different from the all other perils (AOP) deductible and the amount of damages may be less than the wind deductible, making the filing of a claim unnecessary as you would receive no payment. Check with your agent to determine what your wind deductible is.

For questions following a disaster click here.

I have minor damage to my home and have had a previous claim. Should I report this new claim?

You may not want to add a second or third claim to your record if you can afford to pay for the repairs out-of-pocket. It is best to use your insurance policy for the major claims not for the minor ones and, that being the case, you should consider having high deductibles on your policy. Call your agent for advice.

I was involved in an automobile accident with another car. The accident was not my fault but my car sustained damage. Should I call my auto insurance company and report the claim?

The insurance company will find out about accident sooner or later when they check your MVR so it does not hurt to call your company. You do not have to do so, however. If you do report the claim and if you have collision coverage on the damaged car, your company may assign an adjuster and proceed with having your car repaired. Do not let that happen, assuming the other party had insurance. Tell your company you are making the report for information only. Why? Well, in the first place, the other person’s insurance should pay for 100% of the damages to your car. Secondly, you will end up paying whatever deductible you have on your policy (not fair to you) and your auto rates will increase because your company paid (not fair to you again)!

After you have read the things you should know before calling in a claim and have decided to report the claim, we encourage you to call the claim directly to the company as this will ensure faster service. The company will notify us that you have had a claim. Of course, you are always welcome to contact us and we will be delighted to help you in any way.

Important: It is a condition of your policy that you provide timely notice of the claim to your insurance company if you are reporting a claim. The decision to report a claim is entirely yours.

There are many factors that warrant consideration in the claim filing process. The above is meant to be a brief overview to assist you in this process. If you have any questions we encourage you to call us to discuss.


Direct Claims Lines

ACE Private Risk Svc (Chubb) 1-800-945-7461 (1), Email:
AEGIS 1-800-233-2160 option 6
AIG Private Client (888) 760-9195 Email:
AIG Select/Lexington (800) 931-9546 Email:
American Bankers Flood 1-800-423-4403(option 3)
American Modern Home 1-800-375-2075 (option 1)
American Reliable 1-800-245-1505 (5)
All Risks (Lloyds) 1-877-346-0300 Crawford
American Western 1-800-375-2075 (option 1)
Arch Specialty
Arrowhead (Univ of Fl) 1-800-230-4334 (option 3)
ASI 1-866-274-5677 (1)
ASI Flood  1-866-511-0793
Assurant 1-800-375-2075 (1)
Auto-Owners Insurance (after 4:30 & holidays) 1-888-252-4626
Bankers Ins. Co. 1-800-765-9700
Beazley (800)994-9719 Email:
Berkshire Hathaway 1-800-356-5750(2)
Bristol West 1-800-274-7865(4)
Capital Preferred (FI Select) 1-888-388-2742 (option 1)
Catlin Insurance 1-866-351-3062
Centauri 1-866-215-7574 (option 2)
Chartis 1-888-760-9195 (3)
Chubb 1-800-252-4670(1) Email:
CNA 1-877-262-2727 (3)
Coastal Select 1-800-774-0112 (2) (1)
Colonial Group 1-800-628-3762
Colony Insurance 1-800-577-6614 (option 2)
Continental Special Risk (RPS) 1-800-877-2463 (4)
CRC (see Southern Cross)
Dairyland 1-800-43-6879 (1)
Deep South of Georgia  1-888-802-5246
DUAL (Lloyds) *866) 391-9675 Email:
Federated National 1-800-293-2532 (2)
Fidelity National 1-800-293-2532 (2)
Fidelity National Flood & Excess  1-800-725-9472(4)
Firemans Fund 1-888-347-3428(7)CL Email:
First Financial 1-877-434-2667
First Premium 1-800-256-2171(2)
Foremost 1-800-527-3907 (3)
Frontline 1-866-673-0623
General Star 1-800-584-0835
GEOVERA 1-800-631-6478 (2)
Grange Insurance 1-800-445-3030 (option 1)
Great American 1-800-584-0835 leave message
Hagerty 1-800-922-4050 (5)
Harleysville Mutual (Flood) 1-800-421-3535 (2) (2)
Hamilton (609)349-7740 Email:
Hanover 1-800-628-0250
Hartford Commercial Lines 1-800-327-3636 (1)
Hartford Personal Lines 1-800-243-5860 (option 1)
Hartford Flood 1-800-787-5677 (option 1)
Hartford Omni 1-800-727-6664 (option 1)
Haulers 1-866-665-1003
Home Builders Insurance Program 1-800-987-3373 (1)
Homeowners Of America 1-866-407-9896 (3) Email:
Hull & Co
Insurance House  1-800-282-7024
Interboro 1-888-256-3378
ICAT 1-800-754-6919 (1)
Lexington (AIG)
Lexington, Chartis Condo
& HPR Specialty Policies
Lighthouse 1-877-852-0606 (2)
Liberty Mutual 1-800-561-0178 (4)
Ironshore (800) 446-9195 Email:
Lloyd's Preferred (877) 270-2581 Email:
Johnson & Johnson Special 1-800-487-7565 ext 5024
Main Street America 1-877-425-4267 (3)
Markel 1-800-365-7535(9)
Montgomery 1-800-561-0178(4)
National Casualty 1-800-423-7675 (option 1)
National Flood Service 1-800-759-8656 (1)
National Indemnity 1-800-356-5750 (2)
National Security Fire & Casualty 1-866-253-2145 (1)
Nationwide Flood 1-800-421-3535
Nautilus 1-800-842-8972
MetLife (Commercial) (855) 500-3695 Email:
Northland (Transportation) 1-800-328-5972 (option 1)
Occidental 1-800-780-8423 (option 7)
Ocean Harbor 1-866-482-5246
Penn America 1-800-788-4780
1-800-621-5410 (after hours emergency line)
Philadelphia 1-800-765-9749 (option 3)
Progressive 1-800-876-5581
PURE 1-888-813-7873 (option 1)
RPS Roswell 1-800-877-2463 (4) 
Rockhill (772) 237-8531 Email:
QBE (800) 362-5448 Email:
Safeco 1-800-332-3226 (option 1)
Scottsdale 1-800-423-7675 (option 1)
Southern General (Insurance House) 1-800-446-9973 (1)(2) (2)
Southern Fidelity 1-866-722-4995 (1)
St. Johns 1-877-748-2059 (3)
Starr Indemnity 1-866-391-9675 (option 1) Email:
Travelers Home & Auto 1-800-252-4633 (option 1)
Travelers Flood 1-800-505-0193 (option 2)
Travelers Commercial 1-800-238-6225 (option 1)
Travelers Boat & Yacht 1-800-252-4633 (option 1)
United Marine Underwriters 1-800-477-7140
1-502-523-3929 (emergency line)
United National Group 1-800-788-4780
1-800-621-5410 (after hours line)
Universal of Florida 1-800-453-8610 (3)
Universal P&C 1-800-218-3206 (option 2)
Universal North America 1-866-999-0898(1)
USLI/Mt Vernon 1-888-523-5545 (option 3)
Voyager Indemnity 1-800-245-1505(5)
Viking 1-800-334-0090 (option 5)
1-800-462-6342 (option 5)
Wright Flood 1-800-725-9472 (option 4)
Zurich 1-800-808-6412 (option 2)
1-800-987-3373 (option 1)
Zurich-Marine 1-800-527-3907 (option 3)